F ollowing the classical method "champenoise", Caves Gibert elaborates its cava wines in a traditional way. From the most selected varieties of wine (Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada), the "coupage" is carried out trying to find the perfect balance of the three wine varieties.
After obtaining the right mixture, the tiratge is made. The tiratge consists in adding a blend of sugar and selected yeasts to the wine; this blend will carry out the second fermentation in the

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 Wine-cellars bottle. This second fermentation will produce the carbon gas wich is necessary to achieve the typical cava bubbles.
In the darness of our wine-cellars, the cava ages at a temperature of 13-15ºC for a period of 20 and 48 months. After this process, the magnificent qualities of our caves are acquired.
After these years of settlement, the bottles are put inverted in the wine-boards where, with regular fast movements (process called remogut), the sediments and yeasts remains are slanted to the cork in order to be extracted (process called degollat). Bottles
Degollat process When the cava is completely thinned out, the licor d'expedició (blend of sugar and aging wine) is added. Depending on the quantity, it will determine the kind of cava achieved..
Finally, the bottles are adorned to complete this long and careful elaboration process.